Individualized Program


Typically, individual sessions are for one-hour and occur weekly or twice monthly to get things started.  People usually find they can start to speak more clearly after the first few sessions - they know how to be clearer if someone doesn't understand them.  By 8-10 sessions, people can use their clear speech targets more consistently when focused on them. This depends upon doing daily practice, of course!  It can take several months to a year before skills become more of a regular habit, with vigilance!  People often like to have periodic sessions (every other week or once a month) to consolidate skills during that time.

Everyone has unique abilities in acquiring clear speech in a second language, and your progress may vary from this pattern. Some people like to have a few sessions within a short time frame, then take a break to consolidate skills, resuming studies to advance their skills further when they feel ready. We'll tailor your program to suit your needs.


During the first assessment session, your speech will be recorded and analyzed to identify the most important targets. We will work with you individually to tailor a program that will target skills that will have the most impact quickly.  You will learn about high quality resources on the internet, and be provided with materials prepared specifically for you.  There is no cost for materials.  You will be provided with individualized notes about each session, and your instructions for daily practice, as well as links to related practice material.  


You don't need to buy a set of CDs or mp3s, but if you have some that you'd like us to use, we can incorporate them.  We take an individualized approach. After we analyze your speech patterns, we'll give you material to practice with that will target exactly what you need to make the biggest difference the fastest. You'll learn how to practice with the material, and how to make it more and more challenging until the changes you are trying to make become a habit. We'll show you some internet resources that we think would be best for you to practice with on your own, starting with the basics, and moving to more sophisticated material. We'll use material that you choose to work with - for example, work-related documents for commonly used vocabulary or scripts for public speaking.

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about individualized instruction.