Why Learn to Manage Your Accent?

Do you speak English as another language? Bravo!

Does your accent makes it a challenge to communicate clearly? You are using the sounds and rhythm patterns of your first language when you speak English. Learn to speak English with North American style features. This is known as "Accent Reduction" or "Accent Adjustment". 

Should you try to eliminate your accent? Everybody has an accent - there are many ways to speak English clearly! Studies show that foreign accented speech can be clear and easy to understand, as long as certain elements are present. Foreign accented speech shows that you have mastered more than one language, which is an admirable achievement! Be proud of being multi-lingual, while at the same time being confident, effective and clear with your communication using Canadian English.  

Do you want to have more confidence when speaking English in social settings and at work? You can learn English pronunciation skills to speak clearly and confidently with clients, colleagues and friends. We will use materials and exercises that matter to you. Individual sessions or small-group format - pick the approach that works best for you and your budget.  Once you begin to apply your new English pronunciation skills, others will notice the difference... a definite confidence-booster!