Feb 2 2016 - Spinnaker (Code 2) is up!

The wind has softened and the angle changed in favour of putting up the spinnaker. Now there is more to do on deck. First of all, the helmer must keep the boat at the best angle to the wind and respond to changes in wind strength and wave motion that can move the boat off course.

Aside from careful helming, there is constant trimming of the spinnaker by a team of 3:

1) trimmer - weather permitting, sits on a bean bag so as not to strain the neck while starring up at the edge of the sail watching for excessive "curl" that signifies need for trimming.

2) two grinders - these follow the directions of the trimmer... "Grind!"..."Hold!"... Endlessly.

So here is the team:

Other crew go about their boat maintenance duties. As they say, if you take care of the boat, the boat will take care of you.