May 8, 2016 - "Mothers" Day

Yesterday, Neil let me sleep in while he took care of breakfast. Then I took over in the kitchen and made burgers and sweet potato fries with all the trimmings, which was well received this beautiful sunny day. I've baked my first loaf of bread from scratch! And made garlic bread toast thingies to go with the delicious pasta Bolognese Neil made for dinner. The smell of brownies baking in the oven filled the air - a pleasant change from the usual scents detectable below decks! Yes, we eat quite well on his boat. I am enjoying learning new culinary skills, and expect I will try my hand at bread baking at home. The act of kneading the dough is a quiet almost meditative task. Perhaps the solitary nature of kitchen duties makes it all the more pleasurable in this environment in which nearly everything you can accomplish must involve coordinated effort and teamwork. Today, it is Mother's Day in North America. We have 3 Canadians on board and 2 Americans. As it worked out, the two other Canadians, Neil from Halifax (on my watch) and Mike from Ottawa (on Dolphin watch) were mothers. As it was Sunday, to start the day off right, Neil fried up a big batch of bacon for bacon sandwiches. A sort of Sunday Brunch theme for the "other mothers". Did you see the crew diary entry I wrote about how we celebrated Mother's Day? I hope yours was grand.