Jan 27 2016 Crossing the equator - Not at all what I expected!

On my watch, at 7am, we crossed the equator. I was dressed head to toe in my "foulies" to protect myself from getting too chilled from the constant rain and strong winds. My first real chance to try out the costume. I was very pleased! Despite its bulkiness, I felt well protected from the elements and sufficiently agile. I did not overheat. So it seems we have had an easy go of the "doldrums". Not the long string of days of light air sailing and high heat we were expecting. Though living the last couple of days with a 30 degree heel, which makes everything take 10x as long, we have been able to have the hatches open most of the time to generate a bit of a breeze below and get our much needed sleep. I was surprised that 4 of the 7 people on my watch succumbed to mild dehydration. One Worlder thought he was seasick for the first time, reporting nausea, though the sea state was only slight. He realized he may be dehydrated, so took rehydration tablets dissolved in water and 3 hours later was back to his usual smiling self. Next day, same thing with another Worlder. Then I realized that's what was happening to a Legger - she thought she was experiencing extended sea sickness. I persuaded her to try the tablets and, sure enough, after a nap she was feeling well. Lastly, our "mother" was clearly dragging, and complained of headache. I told her about the others so she took the tablets in water before her nap, and afterward felt the world better. I've been drinking the "squash" available to all crew on the boat. I put the concentrate in my water bottle and add a lot of water. It masks the slightly skanky taste of the water coming from our water maker, and gives me the electrolytes I need. Seems to be doing the trick! We are through the ITCZ and about to enter the trade winds region. May this portion of the trip be "typical", so that we can enjoy a downwind sleigh ride for a few days. And... We've clawed our way up to 4th position. Despite having relatively low numbers compared to other boats, we are managing to optimize the opportunities the local wind conditions bring to us. Raising and lowering sails, and continually checking our sail trim. No real mistakes to cause us to loose distance. We literally have the 3rd place boat in our sights! Can we overtake them?! Slow and steady wins the race. All Pollywogs have been summoned to a ceremony dockside at 5:30pm today. I wonder if King Neptune will make an appearance?