March 10, 2016 - Toronto update - more sailing!


Well, they flew me home business class so I would have room to stretch out my injured leg. And I was wheeled through the airports in a wheelchair. Plus, I got to be pampered in the first class travel lounges in Vietnam and Seoul. Very comfortable travel and much appreciated. To top it off, hubby was at the airport to welcome me home!

It's been nice to be home these past 2 weeks. A bit of pampering the first few days helped me get over jet lag - actually, that took the better part of a week! Midnight snacks were more like lunch, with the 12 hour time difference. 

I've kept a low profile so far so I could adjust to being home and focus on my knee rehab, which has been keeping me busy, as well as coordinate things with insurance companies, etc. 

My amazing doctor lined up a consultation with the experts at Athlete's Care for the day after I arrived home. That doctor then referred me to a physiotherapist and a brace specialist. I diligently implemented all PT recommendations and have begun a rigorous home rehab program. I'm in the gym most days and have started Aquafit classes as well. Also, I saw an orthopaedic specialist at Mt. Sinai Hospital this week.

The outcome? Though the ACL (the anterior something-or-other ligament) is completely ruptured, I am strengthening the surrounding muscles and moving around quite well already. The specialist has agreed that I can return to the Clipper Race for Leg 7 as planned! I will be wearing a brace as a precaution. 



So, spirits lifted and plans in motion, it was time to get out and have some fun. My yacht club runs sailboat races in the winter - in the indoor pool! To get my sailing fix, I grabbed our family's remote control sailboat and headed off to the club where I met up with Sharkie comrades Andrew and Daina - I sometimes race with them on their Shark in Toronto Harbour. Andrew showed me the ropes with the RC and he quite handily won the first heat before we lost control of the rudder and had to withdraw from the competition. Oh well. I got the hang of it during practice time and am determined to give racing it a try once we sort out the problem. I went to the hobby store today and bought a new servo, so repairs are underway. The agonies of boat ownership!

Have you been following the Race? The course from DaNang to Qingdao has been brutal. I can only imagine that the issues with equipment and the extreme weather challenges have left the crew battered and weary. I can't honestly say I wish I was there. I am with them in spirit though, and eagerly await news of their safe arrival in port. Thankfully, weather in these final days of the race has become more favourable and they should have a bit easier time of it. 

Thanks for following, and for your good wishes.  Stay tuned as the sailing adventure continues during my upcoming yachtmaster training in Antigua in April, then more ocean racing in Leg 7 of the Clipper Race (May-June).